Regular use of the Dex II can:

  • Improve the operation of spinal joints.
  • Minimize wear and tear of the inter vertebral discs.
  • Improve muscle strength & control while reducing muscle spasms, tension and pain.
  • Reduce nerve impingement or nerve tension.  
  • Improve normal joint mechanics by working the muscles of the trunk in a natural, functional way.
  • Prevent postural abnormalities and improve symmetry of the spine.
  • Offer relief from the ageing forces of gravity to muscles and joints.
  • Reduce blood pressure and heart rate while increasing local blood flow.
  • Increase thoracic gas volume peak flow and forced vital capacity.
  • Influence lymph flow.
  • Improve gait and range of motion.
  • Reduce stiffness and fatigue while increasing flexibility.
  • Reduce post traumatic headache. 

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Bent knee inversion has proven highly effective in increasing levels of back fitness, and are now part of the training program for international athletes and professional sports people.  As well as being a key part of an individuals Workout , bent knee inversion complements training classes such as spinning or circuit training.



by Brian W. Fahey, Ph.D.

You can't see it, taste it or touch it and most people don't even feel it. It is the most pervasive, least understood, and most influential factor affecting our quality of life. Life a fish in water, we can live an entire life under its constant influence without realizing its presence. What is it ? Gravity. We live our lives continuously under a wave of compression called gravity. Gravity never takes a vacation. We begin a life-long relationship with gravity at conception and never leave its influence until we are laid to rest. Gravity multiplied by time determines the quality of our aging.

"We are the children of gravity", says Dr. Ralph Belligra, director of medical research at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Research Facility in California. "As we age, we reach a point where we begin to yield to it. Sagging skin and organs, varicose veins, arthritis, failing hearts, these all come from the lost battle against gravity."

Gravity works on us through muscle usage patterns whether we are sitting at a computer or actively engaged in our favorite sport or exercise system or recreational pursuit. Each activity has some element of compression which, when done regularly over time, increases the downward pull of gravity on our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skeletal frame. This causes us to have shorter, stiffer, less flexible muscles and effects of gravity compression increas4e stress and premature aging. Accelerating the aging process is the very opposite of why we choose to exercise in the first place. We think we are becoming more "fit", but at the same time we are diminishing the health and longevity of our musculo skeletal systems. Gravity is the cause of this dilemma, but gravity is also the solution.

The simplest way to counteract the progressive and deteriorating effects of our live-long interaction with gravity is to literally change our relationship with gravity. By inverting our bodies a few times each day, we can suspend gravities compressive influence and activate a natural wave of extension called anti-force or uplift. In the same way that a bouncing ball is pushed by gravity toward the ground and rebounds vertically, when inverting, we decompress the body segments and activate the natural spring or rebound energy of anti-force. The average person loses 3/4" in height by the end of a day which included sedentary work and physical exercise. However, when we awaken in the morning we have regained the majority of this length. Like a tree whose roots are simultaneously pushed by gravity into the ground while its trunk, branches and nutrient system are pulled upward by the rebounding spring of anti-force, the human body utilizes this same bidirectional wave of compression and extension. The evolutionary shape of our bodies has been guided by the force of gravity to develop this dual system of compression and extension. Unfortunately, so much of what we do on a daily basis overuses the extrinsic muscles and the compression system. Inversion exercise activates the deep intrinsic muscles and the extension system. By taking advantage of the body's natural leverage system, activating the intrinsic musculature requires only 5 lbs. of effort to move 10 lbs. of weight, whereas using only the extrinsic musculature requires 10 lbs. of effort to move 5 lbs of weight.

When was the last time you felt light on your feet and had bounce in your stride ? The majority of Americans haven't felt that way since childhood. The degree to which we have any "spring" left is a function of our body's relationship to gravity over the years.

It's time to give yourself a lift, to release muscle tension by activating your body's natural spring energy through regular inversion exercise. If aging is (gravity x times), then the anti-aging equation must influence gravity and time. If there is a "fountain of youth" , ti must include the intelligent use of gravity as a positive influence upon our musculo-skeletal systems over time.

We can become masters, rather than victims, of gravity by regularly suspending gravities compressive influence through daily inversion exercise. The Back Revolution System® is safest, least expensive, most effective inversion exercise method for improving and maintaining musculo-skeletal well being. This system of inversion is the best way of tractioning the most compressed body areas on the lumbrosacral and sacroiliac joint. These are the areas where 90% of all back problems come from.

In the year 2000, more than 55% of our population were over 50 years of age. This population will demand new paradigms from the health and fitness industry which focus upon moderation, flexibility, extension, longevity and total body wellness.

There is a new age of fitness on the horizon. It has nothing to do with the size of your thighs or the cut of your abs. Numbers are not involved - not beats per minute or the height of your step, clothing, shoe size, or weight. The new age of fitness is all about the quest for complete wellness. ( Interpersonal Training by Frank Butterfield, creator of the Nike Network Program and international motivational speaker and lecturer).

A new view of the traditional fitness pyramid suggests its components are not static independent elements, but rather each component is part of an interactive, interdependent system with flexibility placed at the top and viewed as the prime magnifier or most influential part of the system. Inversion exercise as accomplished by The Back Revolution System® is at the center of the pyramid, providing benefits to each of the pyramid's Components through decompression, extension, enhanced fluid flow and body pliability.

Inversion exercise assures that the compressive effects of our favorite forms of exercise do not accumulate day after day. There are more than 600 muscles in the human body. We overused 50 of them in most forms of exercise. It6's the overuse of these selected muscle groups that cause compression of the body's muscles and joints. Regular inversion activates the muscles that suspend the joints and elongate the body, while releasing the muscles that shorten and compress it. Adding inversion exercise as an essential component to your total exercise program will do more to lengthen your athletic life span and increase your enjoyment of your favorite activities than anything you do for yourself. Investing in inversion exe4rvise now will insure your future health. The natural ecology of the body is elongation, not compression. Our relationship with gravity is lifelong. The evolutionary challenge for our species is to find appropriate responses to the relentless forces of gravity on the body. Inversion exercise is the most effective response to this challenge.


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